Respond Introduces Seller Seal Program

July 7, 2010

Our mission is to provide consumers quality local services

The Certified Seller Seal award is a membership seal that Respond Merchants can prominently display on their company’s website. The Certified Seller Seal will link to their Lead Service profile. The Certified Seller Seal award shows current and potential customers that their business is part of a trusted nationwide network.

How It Works

Visitors to member websites who click on the Certified Seller Seal logo will be directed to the merchant’s Lead Service profile. They will be able to read about member businesses, review past customer testimonials, and recognize members as being part of a nation-wide network of quality service providers.

Get the Official Respond Seller Seal

Merchants: Add the Seal to your profile to separate your business from the competition.

Sign up – to take advantage of this valuable new benefit.

Visitors: Look for the trusted Certified Seller Seal logo. Get customer reviews. Find and hire local businesses.

Simply a Better Way to Generate New Clients

June 22, 2010 is an independent and unbiased matching service that is designed to help individuals find the best vendor for their unique needs, and to provide vendors with their ideal clients. is designed to ensure high-quality leads for both clients and vendors. Responses to our questionnaire from potential clients are fed into our algorithms and compared with the vendors’ profile information and client preferences, enabling users to initiate contact with the very best vendor for them.

Advertising Facts

  • Every month, millions of consumers search and contact local quality service providers through our Directory Pages and Request Forms
  • Over 13.5 million annual page views
  • Over 5.5 million annual unique visitors
  • Thousands of local businesses already advertising
  • Top-ranked search results for local content on Google, Yahoo, and BING (MSN)
Why Choose Respond?
  • We provide exclusive traffic to your website from our directory
  • We provide live sales calls from local consumers
  • Get matched to local customers in real time
  • Build your own custom company profile to market your business, includes business description, work samples, credentials/qualifications, etc.
  • Cutting edge tools for controlling budget, filters, profile and service area

Learn How to Generate More Clients

New Articles & Tips section on

June 14, 2010

Are you interested in contributing your original content for the new Articles & Tips section on We are providing the following guidelines to help make the process of submitting articles a straightforward and easy one.

How are Contributing Writers selected? Anyone can volunteer to be a Contributing Writer. Our editors are looking for applicants we can trust as experts, and prefer that you have proven expertise in your topic, either through professional involvement, as a dedicated hobbyist, or as a book author or journalist (online or print).

What types of articles are we looking for? Respond is looking for original articles containing useful tips and practical advice for consumers focused around a specific topic in the Home Improvement, Financial Services, Wedding Services, and other areas.

What makes for a great article? Your article is more likely to be published when it:

  • Contains new and original content
  • Answers specific questions people are asking
  • Solves a problem that people are experiencing
  • Offers intelligent insight, as opposed to saying something that’s obvious
  • Has a title that gets a reader’s interest, such as “How To” lists, “Top 10” lists, “Things to Avoid” lists, “Steps To” lists, and many others
  • Does not directly promote your business or become a sales letter for your personal brand.
  • Contains generally between 600-800 words, and no more than 1000 words.

Where do I send my article(s) for consideration? Please email your materials for consideration to: articles[at]respond[dot]com.

The Legalese: All contributing writers are volunteers who are not subject to the direction, control, or supervision of regarding time spent or procedures followed in performing services hereunder. However, is the final decision maker regarding the produced product, and reserves the right to request modification and/or modify the product to ensure, among other things, that it complies with quality standards. retains an exclusive, perpetual online license to any material you produce for us, so the articles you produce for us aren’t competing against other copies of the same article on other sites. You hereby accept all liability, including for libel, slander, and intellectual property infringement, for the content you provide to

Compensation: Contributing Writers are not eligible for compensation or benefits from However, for your efforts, we will display your contact information with a link to your seller profile on, and submit your article to multiple news and business websites.

Spread the Word about Quality Service

June 7, 2010

Spread the Word about Quality Service

Neighbor participation is a crucial component of our community’s commitment to quality. The RESPOND community works because neighbors recommend businesses to other neighbors.

Recommend a quality local business in your area.

Welcome to the Respond Blog!

April 15, 2010

We at Respond work to connect consumers with pre-screened and member-referred businesses across the United States and Canada.

You can use Respond’s search tools to find local businesses providing over 400 types of services, ranging from financial planning and home improvement to charter bus and wedding services.

Either way, you are guaranteed to find a pre-screened, member-referred business to assist you with your request.


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